From left: Massimiliano Bizzi, Artsi Ifrach di Maison ARTC, Beppe Angiolini


The first three days of the tradeshow have registered a turnout in line with the February 2019 edition. The top buyers, also Italian, are back, hunting for consolidated and cutting-edge brands with focus on quality and Made in Italy. Drop on Sunday, which has traditionally been the key day for the event, due to the alert issued by the Ministry of Health and the Regions.

WHITE and the Tortona Fashion District are once again among the chief driving forces during Milan’s Fashion Week, which is drawing to a close marked by the Coronavirus emergency. It is no surprise that the first three days of trade show are in line, in terms of presences also from abroad, with the previous edition (February 2019), an encouraging result, compared to the general situation of other players, which have been affected by the global situation. The last day of the show, Sunday - which has always been crucial in terms of turnout – has been marked by growing alert, which in turn has prompted a drop in the attendances, nevertheless it has not mired the energy of the several visitors who have flocked to the trade show. The great buyers, the Italian ones too, have come back and have purchased mainly from small and medium-sized businesses, whose premium quality results from a short and responsible supply chain. The insiders have enjoyed the focus on research – particularly in areas like the Basement and, in general, the brand mix at Tortona 27 Superstudio. WHITE has relied on a dedicated international scouting, increasingly in tune with the cultures of the various Italian and international territories, the focus on Made in Italy and sustainability as levers to trigger a real evolution, going from the textile production down to the end-users. Massimiliano Bizzi, founder of WHITE, has commented: “We are going through an unprecedented time for the fashion industry and the whole production and distribution network. This is an indication of epochal change and the Coronavirus emergency reiterates the importance of the emphasis on the production models, showing that certain behaviours are out-dated in many ways. From now on the focus on sustainability is essential. Despite the emergency of these last two days, we can only be satisfied, as the small and medium-sized enterprises relying on a short supply chain are beginning to bourgeon again and to attract the attention of the buyers, which, in turn, bring them to the end-users”. At a time of great change, WHITE stands by the Italian and international businesses to deal together with convoluted situation. The trade show has been able to rely on the major support by the institutions with the presence of Regione Lombardia and the Municipality, and Milan’s Mayor Beppe Sala, who has visited the trade show and declared: “This is the first time I have visited WHITE, I am impressed with the quality, verve and atmosphere. Today, to support the firms of the sector we need to broaden our horizons and also look beyond the mere economic and financial balance; profit alone is not enough, nowadays sustainability, which WHITE has been tackling for a while, is the most topical issue that guides our lives. Also at a time of strain for the sector, we must accept the consequences of the problem created by the Coronavirus, which is affecting the fashion system. Fashion is a key factor for Milano and WHITE stands by the small and medium-sized businesses, which are this system’s locomotive. The Municipality aims to pursue a collaborative approach with the other institutions and agencies, for instance Regione Lombardia, thanks to the dedication of the Department spearheaded by Cristina Tajani. There is a lot to be done, but when we join forces to back a sector like fashion, everything becomes easier, even when adversity strikes. Impressive turnout and great interest shown by the insiders at the exhibition-event in 10 Corso Como Tazzoli dedicated to Maison ARTC; the Moroccan designer and special Guest at WHITE has been awarded by Beppe Angiolini, owner of the shop boutique Sugar, with CBI – Camera Buyer Italia owing to his sustainable and inclusive fashion, consisting of unique pieces inspired by art and slow fashion. A shining example of how the fashion industry is evolving. The quality of the proposal and the scouting have borne fruit, at the tradeshow the buyers and press were impressed with the novelties at the Basement with Palomo Spain (special designer), Salar Milano (special project), and the collaborations with international showrooms like YouConcept and Nob, which have brought to Milan a selection of international creative talents. GIVE A FOKus has grown too, that is WHITE Milano cultural hub dedicated to climate awareness and sustainability curated by Matteo Ward, which has staged a striking immersive installation developed with the support of Albini Group and the fabrics Albini Donna, Phillacolor, L.I.M. Group and Boyish Jeans. Claudio Betti, owner of the store Spinnaker, has rewarded the creativity of the Spanish brand Maison Etnad, that has been awarded the Inside White prize owing to its innovative bags and accessories. WHITE pursues its strategy of internationalization of the Italian firms through a number of areas dedicated to Italian craftsmanship (selected with Confartigianato Imprese at Tortona 31) and the project Focus on Sicily (on show at Tortona 31 - 35). Thanks to the collaboration with Regione Sicilia - Department for Productive Activities funded by Azione 3.4.1 PO FESR 2014/2020, WHITE has presented 41 brands from Sicily, on show in the Tortona Fashion District. WHITE is supported by MISE, MAECI and ICE – Agenzia, in partnership with Confartigianato Imprese under the aegis of the Municipality of Milan.