Designer List

Melampo is a family lexicon. Starting right from the brand’s name, made of the initials of whom converted an artisan shop into a solid industrial reality. As hap-pens only in Italy, the story began many years ago with handmade caps, then proceeded to men’s shirts and to everything a woman needs to be herself. Even in the most creative and fruitful act one can feel that something remains par-tially unexpressed. One perceives a vital desire to attain individual contents, to progress to new specific shapes, to build one’s own vocabulary, to fulfil the need for diversity, the tendency to change and to be different. ary, to fulfil the need for diversity, the tendency to change and to be different. Melampo weaves to-gether material from different d isciplines: a rchitecture, p hotography, t ailoring, and entrepreneurship. Melampo’s conceptual structure evolves around words like ‘wearability’, ‘measure’, ‘model’, ‘technical control’, ‘orderliness’, ‘body’, ‘freedom’ and ‘lightness’. It builds clothes like sculptures whose surface is not embellished: it becomes the mirror image of the structure. With a surprising instinct for time, Melampo tries to maintain the quality of things while designing new ones. It brings magic and intelligence to clothes in order to oppose the violent and awkward at-tack to what is done properly.

The brand mirrors a lifestyle combining fashion and music with a careful creative mix of the two genres. All the items are produced in Italy and are customized and hand-embroidered by skilful artisans. The style is hippy chic and contemporary, with maxi lines and passe-partout pieces for every wardrobe. A great source of inspiration is the music and the Mexican art.

Love for the details and the research. These are the key-words behind the Jejia’s world, designed by Anna Marino. Invisible details that combine different characteristics, associated to the same lifestyle. Jejia is a world- a way of being- a specific idea of the lifestyle. A “moderate and simple” luxury- a relaxed approach to life. The products become friends of the everyday life.

Was founded in 1991 as a division of Lanificio Faliero Sarti, one the most famous Italian textile factories, born in 1949 from Faliero Sarti.that still now produce very high quality fabrics for fashion designers all over the world. Monica Sarti designs and creates all the Faliero Sarti collections. Her grandfather Faliero passed to Monica the passion for this world. 

After a long research of an obsessive image, came the idea of bringing back to life a character with an history revisited in a modern key contaminated and expressed by objects of common use, from clothing to home design, passing through other worlds as the fame of queen Elisabeth 1st, in other words a wearable canvas. The Ego of a sovereign and the gears of her mind. The collection has been presented in Milan for the first time at WHITE on 24th/25th/26th September 2016 in the IT’S TIME TO SOUTH area – promoted in cooperation with Ice Agenzia, only representative for Regione Calabria.

The designer was born in Milano in 1972. He started in 1990 with “10 dresses B/N/B receiving lots of interest from many Italian buyers. At the same time Eo Bocci asked him to join his showroom, where he was selling men’s shirts and a very colourful women’s wear collection. Between 1993 and 1998 he meets Carla Sozzani that appointed him as responsabile of NN collection and he designs OZEN, a worldwide tailoring project. His current work, is a project based on a simple concept: disarrange textiles and create clothes made out of pure thread, beyond warp and weft. Matteo Thiela put together millions of pure silk threads to achieve the best out of colour vibrations. His dresses fit the body and follow its movements throughout the air. It is made of conceptual pieces that can be worn as an accessory with a pair of jeans or more sensually, in transparency, on a body barely covered with lingerie. 

The designer aged 27, comes from Bologna and has fashion in her veins. Those workshops where, since she was little, she was used to see her father and uncles working with pieces and collections, today have become her headquarter. Virginia can boast a good expertise with designs, scissors and fabrics that she personally selects for her creations, which have always been much appreciated since the very first capsule launched for the 2014/15 fall-winter season. Virginia Bizzi’s collection, presented at White, the International show of contemporary fashion, in February 2014 hit the mark and with the 2015 spring-summer season, she has confirmed already a success story, making her entrance in the best boutiques in Italy and abroad.

The collections are conceived for sophisticated men and women, accustomed to expressing themselves through details. Collection PRIVEE? design creations are unique, hand-crafted, using only top quality leathers and materials. Collection PRIVEE? is today honoured to count many of the most selective and exclusive accounts among its clients worldwide, and its mission is to continue to consolidate its position in the designer fashion business, in the spirit of the brand’s philosophy and style.

This brand is thoroughly permeated with the soul of its creative director, embodying her delicate, spontaneous way of expressing a romantic, sophisticated lifestyle which finds a common thread in polished references to nature and contemporary art. A passion for geometric prints and oriental arabesques takes shape in vintage-inspired garments and in the soft, fluttering forms of long, symmetrical skirts. The deep blue quoted from the hues of Lake Como nestles amid the infinite tonalities and combinations of fabric which range from cobalt to rich green.

The utilitarian approach towards reduction, purism and concise tailoring, are imperative to Lucio Vanotti. It is this rational proposition of fabrics, surfaces and textures that shaped the contours of illusive design. The resulting crisp silhouette is one of efficiency and mathematical precision, sleek, clean and understated. It is in this balanced simplicity, a reflection on inner turmoil and the aptly surfacing editing process manifests itself. Lucio Vanotti aims to subtract garments from the ever turning wheels ofseasonal time, allowing for a personal take on timeless sartorial awareness. For this eponymous line, a carefully monitored semi-artisanal production process, set entirely in italy, henceforth became a necessary condition for the final garments.

A brand with a powerful artistic identity. Ironic, romantic, always with a rock touch, the Ultràchic collections are recognizable for the unique use of prints. The whole collection is produced by Italian suppliers located between Milan, Como and Varese. Every season the brand tells a new story through unique and high-quality materials, such as silk, cotton, satin and georgette.

Born in 1990 to Italian father and Argentine mother in Monte Carlo and raised between Milan and London, Manfredi Conti Manara launches his eponymous footwear label in 2016. Following studies at the London College of Fashion the brands offer a poised and delicate vision of the most revered of accessories; the high heel shoe.Thus began a year long journey to learn the craft from scratch, which involved traveling to Italy’s various shoemaking districts in Veneto, Tuscany and le Marche, before finally settling on a family-run atelier on the outskirts of Milan, where for decades some of the industry’s most skilled artisans have been making luxury footwear for the finest names in fashion. The debut collection is composed of pieces featuring classic shapes that focus on slenderness and femininity, most of which are embellished with custom-made trims and hand-woven “passamanerie” that give each shoe a patina of nostalgic romanticism. Playful tassels and coloured fringes evoke scenes of lavishly decorated interiors, of palatial rooms draped in baroque fabrics and of their equally graceful proprietress.

The brand was founded in 2011 by GIANCARLO PETRIGLIA, originating from a project of the designer who also lends his name. The brand identity of the label already starts with its logo in which two parallel griffins meet the gaze of mythology, where it is the griffin to pull Apollo’s chariot, being the guardian “of gold and the most precious things of the world.” The “Made in Italy” marks another point in favor of the brand which sees its products skillfully assembled and produced in the city of Palermo, in Sicily, a place of which the designer wanted to discover local craftsmanship and emotions.

Was born in 1987 in Rome. In June 2010 she graduated in Jewelry Design at the European Institute of Design (IED), and then she completed her studies in London at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design. Bronze and silver are the protagonists of the small sculptures of the roman designer, along with fine leathers, polychrome enamels, and both precious and semiprecious stones. Flaminia exclusively makes her jewelry by hand, using the ancient lost-wax technique, which ensures the uniqueness and the quality of each piece. 

Is a new brand that just entered the Italian and International Fashion scene. It was born in the heart of ilan, with one and only goal celebrates Fashion in an innovative and unique way , uniting Style and Design . The philosophy of Vaerso is to create novelty and originality reinterpreting fashion classics through a contemporary approach in which function and innovation are merged together with style. Vaerso’s versatile creations make it a brand with a high appeal that addresses to equally versatile consumers who are offered easily identifiable and desirable products.

She developed her interest in jewelry design and goldsmithing while studying architecture and interior design. The pursuit of this passion lead her to complete coursework in Gemology at IGI Antwerp— including “Colored Stones Identification,” “Colored Stones Grading and Evaluation,” and “Pearl Grading and Evaluation”— and eventually to realize a jewelry line of her own in 2011. After participating in various AltaRoma editions and projects, including Simonetta Gianfelici’s Room Service, AltaRoma, presented her Jack in the Pulpit Collection in July of 2013, as part of their official calendar. In 2014 the Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia has been, as accessory finalist for WHO IS ON NEXT?, the fashion scouting project dedicated to the young talents of Made in Italy fashion, conceived and developed by Altaroma in collaboration with Vogue Italia.

Focuses on Tuscan leather olfactives throughout the time while striving to be the next generation luxury brand for the avant-garde woman. The Twins Florence woman dares to be edgy and androgynous in the new silhouette with attention to details. Twins Florence products are designed by Linda Calugi, and are made by Italian artisans belonging to historical family-owned leather manufacturer based in Tuscany. All products are handmade and naturally, with top quality local leather and fabbrica. Everything is proudly made in Italy and distributed worldwide.

Founded in 2008 by a group of friends with great passion for women’s shirts and knowledge of the fashion landscape, Mr.Mrs.Shirt is now a well-established Italian brand that caters to the modern woman. Known for its modern styles and for the high quality of its silk, the brand image is a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. All Mr.Mrs.Shirt collection is made in Italy, and sold worldwide with selected distribution.